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About US

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to address the gap in effective education resources for minoritized and underserved youth. Our programs and resources do this by increasing accessibility, emphasizing representation, and empowering youth to advocate for themselves.

Our vision is to empower young people to use education as a tool to pursue their passions, master their talents, explore their interest, and achieve their dreams. 




We believe education resources should be readily available to all individuals regardless of race, economic status, or background. Our goal is to make education resources more accessible to minoritized and underserved youth.

We believe that representation plays a vital role in connecting youth to the information they learn. Due to this we use culturally responsive teaching (CRT) methods to ensure that our youth participants feel represented and valued in their learning experience. 

We believe that youth hold the secrets to their own success. Because of this we encourage our youth to be active participants in their learning experience and to advocate for the support that they need to thrive academically.